Thank you for visiting Oikos Environmental Network, a civil society organization dedicated to promoting citizen participation, free access to public information and resolution of environmental conflicts in the province of Mendoza, Argentina

Oikos Environmental Network is an organization specialized in monitoring environmental policies, access to information and justice, helping communities who see their environmental rights violated.

Oikos environmental network also coordinated the RADA Argentina - Lawyers Network for Environmental Defense, since July 2007 until 2010, working towards the enforceability and justifiability in the whole country.


Who we are.

We are a Civil Society Organization dedicated to protecting the environment through strategies such as monitoring of public policies, access to justice and public awareness.

We are looking for people interested in environmental issues, but rather to raise awareness, mobilize in defense of their rights. The idea that a healthy environment is the basis for the exercise of other rights such as health and life itself, is a postulate of OIKOS which translates into his work from the perspective of the enforceability and justiciability of rights.

At the same time, OIKOS is an institution dedicated to cultivating other values such as reciprocity and solidarity, as it helps other institutions, raising funds for NGOs involved in child health, animal welfare and other activities to develop their activities in a better way.

People of all ages, creeds, and political beliefs come to Oikos, all doors are open to people who would like to work protecting the environment. However, OIKOS keeps the idea that it is an organization that professes no creed or directs their actions towards a particular political party.

Our Mission / protecting the environmental quality of life of the inhabitants of the province of Mendoza.

Our Vision / A citizenry committed to sustainable development, with a business convinced of the benefits of environmentally responsible management and governors willing to listen and accept the views of citizens, with strong institutions and trained in environmental management, where public institutions and private sectors can
work together


Join Oikos

Oikos does not receive subsidies or municipal or provincial government for their activities, we base our actions on:

- Contributions of the partners

- Donations, legacies, etc..

- International cooperation projects

- Events and fundraising campaigns

So your support is vital to continue working for Mendoza. Each year we put on our Website our audited balances, while since 2006 we also put a report to partners and stakeholders, so funding sources remain transparent. Like this Oikos intends that all the citizens know how the money is invested.


Yes, I want to associate to environmental network Oikos!
The basic monthly fee is $ 25. - (Argentinean pesos twenty-five)

Payment for an entire year is $ 270 .- (Argentinean pesos, two hundred seventy)

There is a monthly fee for new students $ 15 .- (Argentinean pesos, fifteen). To access it requires a certificate of a regular student.

The payment of a full year students is $ 160. - (Argentinean pesos, one hundred sixty)

Note: The discount for the annual payment for both options is due when making a single collection by the total


Oikos at the office of environmental network (July 9, 1257, 5th. Floor, office 55 between Gutierrez and Espejo streets, city of Mendoza, CP M5500DOA, fax 4256820 / 4257050)

From your home (send an email to info@oikosredambiental.org full address and amount paid),

Deposit it in the bank account of Oikos (in the bank, ATM or home banking) and sent by fax or email (info@oikosredambiental.org) proof of deposit.

We are working on alternative means of payment, check back soon.

Data from our bank account:

       Credicoop Bank Coop. Ltdo

       Current Account No. 115/27586-3

       On behalf of: Association Oikos environmental network

       CUIT 30-70730162-3

       CBU 1910115855011502758632


What do we do? 

1. Promote citizen participation in environmental issues;

2. Intervene in the resolution of conflicts;

3. Promote open access to environmental information for citizens to become involved in decisions that affect their


How do we do it?

Through three types of strategies:

1. Access to justice;

2. Sensitization and mobilization;

3. Public environmental monitoring at the provincial and

Where are we? / Oikos Environmental Network is a non-governmental, it’s part of the civil society with other groups that may or may not be nonprofit, and their identification is clear that we are outside of the government.

Also belong to the "Third Sector", also differentiating and State Enterprises, the remaining sectors of the country's institutions. The distinction does not imply a contrast, but sets the action areas (and also areas of interaction).

The reality indicates the need to approach these areas and work together towards common goals. Third Sector, NGO or Social Sector are the same meanings belonging to the group Oikos environmental network, and the distinction is due more to us, conceptual or ideological causes to real distinctions, so for Oikos the distinction is not important as the real actions that can be achieved.

We are a community based organization as it could be a neighborhood joint, a soup kitchen or building a club, our scope is broader, and include all citizens, also businesses and the state.

With all of them Oikos have relationships, or wish to have them, our work in the environment includes both urban and rural communities and natural areas, and also our field of work are government offices, the productive sector and universities and other educational establishments.

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